Friday, April 9, 2010


Putting on braces begins when i started to see my orthodontist which is my own lecturer,Drg,.ismaun.Nowadays braces become a trend,becomes something which is compulsory and necessary especially for i have braces on my teeth and suddenly i dunno how to smile because i feels odd n weird with it...i feels like i become an "ugly betty" with the braces n big spectacles..can u imagine it??hehehe..i think too much bout it...The braces will stay on for one to two years, on average. However, trips are made to the orthodontist periodically to change the archwire and to get rubber bands to help the braces align the bite as the teeth move.Now im having a maroon rubber bands for my braces and yet i started thinking of what will be the next colour..purple perhaps..:)
these are my picture before and after wearing the braces:)


im sure dat u guys didnt noticed the problem of my teeth but if you can see that my maxillary insisve 1 n 2 are overlapping..hehe:D

i think my smiles become so weird and i dunno how to smile:D