Sunday, November 1, 2009

booooo to me~

as usual..when exam is just around the corner.just 1 more day to the midsem heartbeat becoming so faster,getting sooo nervous!!my blood pressure seems to be increased and im afraid if i will collapse bcoz of hipertension.~~arggggh~~stress again when exams come and suddenly say hello to me...i just wanna imagine that its come n just say bye2 syazu!!ok now i need more oxygen supplies,i need a big room to study,a big table to put all my lecture notes n reference books and also some foods n water..ouh no..its a must to make sure im not sleepy.:D...why in indonesia they dont have such a public library that i can sits for 3-4 hours study there??why??hurmm...i really need a big library with air-cond and a lot of reference books...dang!!ok now im getting stress bcoz i dun even finished my lecture notes..not even one!!i repeat again..not even 1 okay!!ok i hav to cooling down myself~~wanna get some fresh air..perhaps~~but is it any place in jakarta with FRESH AIR??ok im thinking again nuw...dang!!

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