Friday, December 4, 2009


today i want to write about diet...what is da real meaning of diet??if we google it, we can find da meaning of diet is actually the customary amount and kind of food and drink taken by a person from day to day.
ok nowadays we can see a lot of people especially ladies are really concern about their weight...yeah,no doubt!!because i am one of them..for many times,i try to control myself to reduce da amount of food taken..yes i know,it doesnt work on know why??because it can only takes 2days,and after that i started to eat as usual...hehehe)..well i think its not a good idea for me to diet..when i told my bf,he asked me to exercise a lot..not a lot actually but at least once a week...yeah,i think i should start my aerobic class bcoz from day to day,im getting fatter n was undercontrolled,and seems like i gonna put some effort on it...i hav to!!i hates to see all my pictures,even i hates to see da mirror...duh,i lost my self esteem,i lost my confidence,i lost my identity....ahahah,lost identity??OVER!!..hehe..
ok actually i hav gastric,so seems like i cant skip my meal,or else,i will be sent to da hospital...hahaha~~ so da best way for me is reduce da amount of food taken,and exercise a lot,i guess..but i think,im toooooooooooo LAZY to do all diz thing...can i just mantain my body like this?ahahaha...seeeeeeee,less than 5minutes,i lost my spirit again...dang!!

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