Wednesday, June 16, 2010

physical appearance:)

almost all women wanna look sexy,pretty,sweet,cute,gorgeous and etc..and it is same for men,they wanna look handsome,macho,smart,cute and etc..its a normal human being....its become abnormal when people does not concious about beauty and healthy...because our appearance is the first thing that will be judged by is normal when people talk about our appearance,because our appearance actually reflects our an example,when we are going for an interview,we will choose a suitable attire to wear because the interviewer will judge us based on our appearance first...for me,the most important thing for us to looks beauty,handsome or whatever u want is our attitude and self esteem...when u have your own attitudeand identity,people will know who you are...and based on physical appearance,most people are easily falling in love for the first is true...and thats why many people are really concious about their beauty especially for women...when we grow up to the puberty stage,we start to try make up thingy an what-so-ever girls thingy...actually what makes us just love to see our boyfriends or girlfriends huh??it must be something that makes us so interested to see them ryte???and what is the characters or the x-factors that they have??basically im falling in love with these few guys for a specific characters:-

see...what are the same characters that these 3 guys have that makes me feels so adorable to them...:)..try to find it out by urself:)

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♥farra♥ said...

shahir n awal mmg farra minat.. tp aril, nope! ;p