Monday, October 19, 2009

happy birthday lalink~~:)

happy birthday to u,

happy birthday to u,

happy birthday to faiz,

happy birthday to u...:)

happy birthday i wish to my dear mohd faiz bin mohd mokhtar...may god bless u my dear..
i wish u all da best in whatever u do...i hope u become a successful man,become a good son,good partner n good slave of god:)...we hav been together for almost 5 years n hav go thru all da obstacles together and till now we still can stick together as a couple...i really appreciate everything that u hav done to me....i love u so much n i hope that our relationship will long lasting..last but bot least i wanna say sorry becoz once again we cant celebrate it together..really hope that we can celebrate it together but what can we do....really2 sorry....i dun hav anything special to giv to u on ur bday tday as we are far apart..but i do have my tender love n care for u yesterday,today,tomorrow n until da end...anyway,all da best n good luck..happy birthday:)...I LOVE U~~:)

my soul~~since i meet u...i hav fallen in love with u~

my darling,u r awez by my side when i need u....

hope we will be together until the end of our take care~~




giGGLe said...

haha..xpe,kumpul je bp kali x leh celeb ssama...nt cover balik...

ayin.the.spoonman said...

so sweet...aku yg bce ni rse nak nangeh,.hahahaha