Tuesday, January 19, 2010

family knock-0ut~

i miss my family!!dats only words dat i can say ryte now.yesssss!!really miss them..i woke up early in da morning and i opened the album folder...i`ve gone through all da pictures and i found out these pictures during my last semester holiday...omygod..i miss this moments when my family and i hang out together at jaya jusco ipoh..we watched movies together,ok i said movieS ok,not movie...hehhehe..im happy dat my parents are such a happy go lucky couple..they joined us played around at time zone and my mom n my dad are the most excited person in da time zone..but im happy with them since they treats us like dat...ignoring all the youths around us,my mom n dad keep playing all those games..hahaha!!they are so sporting...i really2 respect them as they work hard but still hav time to spend with us..and my parents are really2 understanding person..if im saying that im bored at home..and on the next weeek my mom will take a leave just to bring us to go for a picnic,hang out together,watching movies,shopping n etc..i miss my family so much..


ayin.the.spoonman said...

huhu..really miss home eh?cpatlah pulang!!!

Anonymous said...

heheh ade doc mirna laaa hehehe