Friday, February 6, 2009

since came back from indonesia on 3.2.09 till t0day..
i've done nothing yet...quite a boring holiday since my parents really bz with their works.
while i'm jez sitting at home doing nothing...jez wake up in da morning,eat,eat,eat,sleep again,watching television...quite a boring activities..but i plan for some activities diz weekend..
as a few of my friends are having their holiday i plan to spend my time with them..
i really hope diz holiday could end with really enjoyable moment..liyana..r u having fun at KL??
do roger me yana..i'm boring here...huhuhu:(..yana,i miss u..but doesnt hav time to cntact u as i know u r really bz rite???hehehee~~~to din,enjoy ur dating kay!!hav fun..hehehe~~
nway ive plan a lot..but how should i start???hehehehe~~~

1 comment:

yananana said...

cik senah,awat x bagi number tepon? cane la i nak ctct u nih..hehe. syazu,aku dah dlm proses meng-ditch tudung bawal :D