Saturday, February 7, 2009

miss someone~~

today i remember to my lovely huggable little cute miss teddy...

its a present from sumone...quite a long time i didn't hug my miss tedd..

since i didn't bring it along to i remember to my miss tedd...

i took my miss tedd n hugs it tightly...i miss someone..who are very far from me rite now..

i really miss "him"...*sigh*....thanx dear for giving me diz little cute teddy bear bcoz it could make me feels calm although u r not around..when i hugs diz bear,i will think of u~~

1 comment:

Shahrul Hafizi said...

i had a mr noody (teddy bear) once
got from someone


it's not with me anymore
i gave it to 'adik angkat'
to help boost her selfconfidence

skrg ad teddy bear pn
yg comel2 je
pooh dn bear yg xbrnama


terima kasih kpd yg sudi
memberi bear2 yg comel itu~