Sunday, July 11, 2010

lets join it:)

yes im gonna join this program on my next so excited to join it!!come and lets join it friends..u will never regret it:)
the tentative program is really good and beneficials..
we as a future doctors and dentists should join this kind of activity because from here, we can get a lot of benefits such as we will gain more knowledges and the most important thing is we can get a new experience.some of the benefits that we can get from here are:

1)we can learn and improve communication skills with people 
2)meeting other students will wider our connections
3)get an extra experiences 

Excellent students are not only based on how hard are they study,how much time they spend at library,what are the highest pointer they can get but how they manage to mantain their achievements and yet they have a good social life..

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