Thursday, January 1, 2009

new journey~

hye guys..
actually i`m a new blogger..
jez started to write a blog..hope u guys can help me in blogging~
hurmmm tday is 1st january 2009..
nothing much different jez i got a new spirit..i guess..hehehe~
hope what happened in da past will be forgotten..
for diz year..i hav sum `azam` la...hope tercapai..hehehe..
nway dunno what else to write..
yana,mas...plzz kay help me in blogging~hehehe..
wish all of u happy new year...may god bless us..
especially to liyana..come back ere wif new style,new spirit kay..
diz are sum of my new revolution for 2009:

1)wanna be a good daughter n good slave
2)wanna happy owez n smile for 24 hours..hehe..if i can la~
3)study smart not STUDY HARD...
4)enjoy my life as dentistry student although its not as easy as we see...
5)try to `jalan sorg2` bcoz wanna try to survive as i`m quite hard to ingt jalan..ngee~
i guess din u know it ryte??hehe
6)success in my life and become an idole to others..hahahaha..harapan~
7)change my bad attitude,bad behaviour,n all da bad things dat i have..hehehee~

8)wanna try new style...anybody plzz help me~
9)last but not least,wanna going to tour indonesia,da whole indonesia within diz 5 years tyme.

1 comment:

-maRs- said...

hoho.. let me be ur 1st person dropped u a comment,can i??
nway,jz asking if u need my help in blogging.. eventho im not expert anaff,but mb i can help u some.. hoho.. nway,happy blogging n u'll noe what is most the satisfaction 2 be a blogger.. good luck..!