Saturday, January 31, 2009

tagged by yana n ale~~

001.Your Name: Syazuwani binti Abdull Rahman
002.Nicknames: syazu/wani...prefer syazu sbb nmpk cool..hehehe..wani for "ayu" person k..
003.Married: nope
004.Zodiac sign: aquarius
005.Male or Female: female
006.Age: 20
007.Highschool: MJSC Transkrian
008.College: UPDMB
009.Residence: kuala kangsar
010.Hair color: RED(hot)
011.Long or shorthair: due2..half pnjg,half pendek...can u imagine it??hehe~~
012.Smoke: definitely nope!
013.Drink: nope~~
014.Available: erm not available!!
015.Are you a health freak?: erm nope~
016.Height: 160 cm
017.Do u have a crush on someone?: yes i do~~hehehe
018.Do u like yourself?: of course yes...!!every part of me....
019:Piercings: nope
020.Tattoos: tidak la pulak...haram!!hehehe~~
021:Righty or lefty: righty
022:First Surgery: dun hav~~~
023:First piercing:forgot dah~but pnh once..
024:First best friend/s: nurul dianah ahmad mahyidin
025:First Award :masa tadika..dpt plajar terbaik lol~~tak bley blaaa~~
026:love cats?:nope la...
027:First pet: takde juge...gile b0san~~
028:First Vacation: wuuu,tak ingat...
029:First COncert:tgk concert kat tv jek..mklumlah,org kampung,,hehehe~
030.First crush: sumbody
049.Eating: wah..suke la...suke sngt mkn
P050.Drinking alcohol: nope n never~
052.Im about to: about to share..ahahha(ada kaitan ke yana??)
053.Listening to:goyang duyu
054.Food: nasi lemak
055.Drink : carrot susu...dh lama tak minum~~
056.Colors: purple and yellow
057.Number: 22,20

058.Want kids: mawu...nk yg comel..kalo leh ikot muke ayh yg ensem..kikikiki..
kalo ikot muke mummy tak bape nk comel jek..heehhehe
059.want to get married?: yes..wif mohd faiz b.mohd mokhtar..amin~~

068.Lips or eyes: lips
069.Hugs or kisses: both..but prefer hugs~~
070:Shorter or taller: taller.
072:Romantic or spontaneous?:of course romantic la!!
073:Nice stomach or nice arms: nice arms~~~
074:Sensitive or loud: both..pros n cons
075:Hook up or relationship: relationship

079.Drank bubbles: ape tu??wuu~~
080.Lost glasses/contacts: yep..twice!!
081.Ran away from home: tak pernah..mama polis..die pesan dh jgn lari umah..nnti kes tuh die kna amik...hehhehe...
082.Liked someone younger: maybe yes,maybe not~~
083.Like someone Older: yepp2
084.Broken someones heart: pernah!!jahatnye saye
085.Been arrested: nope
086.Turned someone down: many times!!
087.Cried when someone died: yep2..tapi tak baik kan??huhuhu~~
088.Liked a friend: yes i am...sangat!!

089.In yourself: yes,of course...i believe myself m0re than others
090.Miracles: sumtimes...
091.Love at firstsight: yes i do!!yippie~
092.Heaven: sure sure
093.Santa Claus: santa claus tak...tapi santa setiagangsa yes(my classmate)ngee~~
094.Sex on the first date:nope!!
095.The more u hate the more u love : yes,its true...
096.Angels?: yes of course

097.Is there one person you want to be with u rite now? : yes!!really hope die da kat sini
098.Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time?: boyfriend ada satu je..
099.Do u believe in God?: always n forever~~
100.DO u love someone rite now? : always and forever~

yana n ale..sori lambt jawab tagged ni..baru ada time to jawab..tq much2 frens~~


nadia_saleh said...

sapekah mohd faiz b.mohd mokhtar yg bertuah tu??


-maRs- said...

caju,kenapa umur kamu disitu masih 20??
ad kekeliruan disitu....

yananana said...

kejap2,kenapa suke ngat pekena nama blog aku niiiiiii?? aaaaaaaaaaa! hehehe. and lagi stu,biar benar ko believe in santa setiagansa??? haha,aku sungguh tidak believe okay! :P