Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i really wanna go to malbasa(malam balas jasa),
its kinda prom nite but its not..its an event dat being held by our batch
to say thanks to our seniors n showing our appreciation to them..
diz event will be held on diz sunday,11th january 09,
but i dunno yet wether i shuld go or not,bcoz i hav to think bout my exam,test..
i dun even cover all da subjects yet~
haiyaaa...but,when i think it again..
i think i shuld go bcoz i will not get diz experience anymore..
bcoz once i start become a bz person,start working,
i absolutely does'nt hav tyme for diz kind of thing. me~diz is once in my life..
wuuuu~~still thinking~

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