Friday, January 2, 2009

miss malaysia~

mama n abah..i miss u so much!!

faiz,i miss u 2...hope holiday nnti we can meet

my family members,luv u guys..wanna spend my time wif u all~

*grrrrr*,same like da day before,nothing to do..
da only word that i can describe is 'bored'..sigh~
i woke up early in da mornink,then i sat in front of my lappie..
started to think what to las i make decision to study as it hav been a long time i did'nt open my books..hehehe..crazy ryte??so,jez a few hours ago ni we all went out 'makan2' at pisang..

our most favourable place to `'isi' our,lan,din,trah,momok n mas pon order la our usual,we having a chit-chat n they started talking bout how to spend their time during holiday in diz february...waaa,suddenly i feels so sad laa,remember sweet memories at malaysia,i miss my family,my love,my friends ,foods n everything bout malaysia...and till now i`m jez thinking to go back malaysia..but what can i do,i hav to sit for final exam 1st...

urgggghhh...tooooooo lazy to study!!anybody plzz help me..i`m started to plan how to spend my time during holiday,hang out wif friends,melantak byk2,dating..ngeee~,n da most important thing is i wanna go shopping...yeah~hehehe..gila kan???syazu....wake up!!exam is jez around da corner..stop thinking bout holiday,think bout your study la...dush2~hehehe..

and da person dat i really miss is my family,my love,n my friends..wuuuuuu~

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