Sunday, January 4, 2009

end of holiday~

why diz holiday hav come to da end...arghhhh..
like fast n furious...hehehe~
ngeeee~at last,tomorrow i will start my boring class,start to open my books,
start to doin assignments..actually,i jez started doin assingments dat suppose to be sent tomorrow..ahahaha..crazy ryte??baru gelabah nk cari bahan...but,what to do..i owez like diz..
owez be 'mangsa keadaan' for doin n finishing da assingment...waaaa,is it i'm too kind??ahahaha...question marks???????ahaks~i tried so hard to find da information bout da assingment topic..but i did'nt found it...seddey kan?~i got grup assignment for topic 'penggunaan alat optik dalam bidang kedokteran gigi' grup members of course la they send me a lot of informations thru email as i told them to do so...but so funny la,they send me a loooooot of informations but it is not in da topic la..haiyaaaa~..ade ke anta bout optic it including in bidang kedokteran gigi??haishhh...dunno what to say..what can i say is jez i'm too tired to do all those things by my own....i realise dat my fren from da other grup is like tak pyh buat apa2 pon...tau2 grup die dh siap wat....owh no...this person is so lucky..i'm quite jealous wif diz kind of person...jez sit n study....urghh..its unfair..but what to do...i jez can mumbling n nothing will change...stresssssss....wanna go home~ today,yana has come back,at least she makes me happy ...i shared everythings wif her,till she bcome so tired to hear my st0ry...n at last die tetdo..ahaks~hehehe..
nway yana,welcome back..keep our promise kay..remember dat??hehehe(evil laugh)

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yananana said...

hehe,syazu.tadi kan bukan tertido la.aku berzikir dalam hati.ngah layan sgt zikir smpi macam terputus hbgn ngan dunia luar.kwang3 :P jap2,meh nak betolkan?syazu leyh kata ade cls boring????biar benar,setau saya syazu sangat suke ke kelas dan belajar dengan hati yang girang :D