Tuesday, January 6, 2009

exam mode~

diz is what we call life as a student...
hurmm...my final exam is jez around da corner..
start on 19january till 31january..
n then...holiday...yeppie...i'll going back to malaysia.
hahaha..although others bz thinking bout study n exam..
i still have my time to think bout my holiday..crazy ryte??
by da way..i should relax n calm down to sit for da exam...
..study smart..
for me...quality is more important than quantity..
so i will make sure dat myself will get an enough rest...jez take a deep breath...
dun be jealous wif our frens..we hav our own style...
jez be ourselves...our own style..
yeahh!!wish all my fwes gudluck n all da best..
hope we will get gud results n beat our seniors~yeah..
chayok2!study smart guys~

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