Friday, January 30, 2009

ketawa dalam duka~~

alhamdulillah..thanks to Allah as i've just finished my 1st sem exam..
everythings going smoothly...
really happy....happy!!happy!!
yabedabeduuuu....but in da happiness,for sure there will be a sadness behind it..
guess what???as we all "plan baik punya" wanna hang out goint to dufan,bandung,
having shopping...waaaa,really heaven..BUT~~~
today we r going to check our account,hoping our scholar dah masuk...
dgn kecewanya....dwet scholar tak masuk2..
its unfair!!!!bcoz certain of us dh dpt dwet scholar....really unfair..
rasa nk marah sangat!!!dah la nk kna byr dwet sewa rumah ni..
nk bli brg balik msia pon takde dwet..hampeh~~~
nape la jadi cmni..baru nk happy2 after exam...dah tak boleh...
apepon to kwn2 yg dh dpt dwet scholar..selamat enjoy~~~

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