Thursday, January 15, 2009


for diz time being,as exam semakin dekat..
mcm2 perasaan yg dtg tnpa diduga..
sumtimes feel happy,sad,angry,worry,excited,moody..
all diz feelings dtg silih berganti....jez in one second,from happy it can turn to become sooo sad..
from excited become cant be expected..
as human being,its a normal situation..but we have to control those feelings..
bcoz sumtimes it could hurt people surrounding u...
same wif me...yesterday,jez bcoz of one msg from sumone,from happy face,happy smile..
i turned to become soo moody...~~nway..hope everythings gonna be okay..
although in da hardest time,keep smiling~~smile is a good medication for ourself n other people~~whatever happen,take it in positive side..u will feel better~~
do smile....BIG SMILE:)...semakin nk exam...perasaan CHUAK telah mula melanda~
apepon i hav to be prepared..go syazu..semangat!!~~


yananana said...

gudlax xm..jgn sgey2,,
gymbira la nak bwak blik adiah kt ayn uh,,,ahahaha

syazuwani-fw said...

takde masa nk bawak balik adiah kat ayin..ngehngeh~~~