Sunday, January 18, 2009

my dear 'she'~~~

to my dear 'she'..
diz few days,i saw u r in unhappy mood~~
less talking,less jokes,less laughing...
u r not da same as b4...why??
i'm trying to ask u...try to help u..
but i afraid u gonna think i'm too bz body..
whatelse shuld i do...wanna see u happy as b4~~~
plzzz do tell me whats r going on...
whatever thing it is...ur buddies are owez besides u...
to give u strong my dear 'she'...
love u....~~~


nadia_saleh said...

jgn rase diri bz body k..
"she" might be kept silent..
but..she needs u..
its what friends are for kn?

fight up her sadness with her..
put back her joy

put her under 24hours supervision k..

syazuwani-fw said...

okay ale..
roger~~hope everything gonna be okay...tq dear~~