Wednesday, January 21, 2009

not feeling well~~

tday is a bad day to me..
i'm not feeling well....sakit perut melanda..not even study for pancasila..
i jez go n sit for da exam without knowing anything..without any input in my brain..
jez a little information dat i can remember...OMIGOD....why its happened??
whatever thing it is..mende dh lepas..dunno hows my pancasila result gonna be...
hopefully i still can achieves my target...jealous with those of my friends seems like they were so happy wif their pancasila paper...after exam they discuss their answers wif happy n big smile..but me???can jez run away go back home becoz i'm not feeling diz time i`ve vomit for da 5th time...such a terrible n horrible...sangat sakettt~~feels like wanna cry loudly...i miss my family..miss them damn much...if at n dad will treat me in da nice jez got my friends to help me..thanx a lot to liyana,mas,trah n din....without all of u..i dun even can get up from my bed~~feels like wanna cry when nobody care about ourself ryte???whatever things happened,anggap sebagai dugaan dari Allah...pasti kite boley tersenyum wpn in pain~~ZzzzZZzzZZzz

*not in mood*


momoc said...

caju..get well soon~~

yananana said...

jangan sakit2,esok hari penting :)

syazuwani-fw said...

thank you guys...
thanz a lot~~
hari penting???for what??KWN??
jgn lemahkan smngt aku yana:(..
thanx once again~

nadia_saleh said...

nape esok hari pnting?

btw..mane org kat umah caju?
caju msk sepital ke?
trok er sakit?