Friday, January 2, 2009


trip to bandung..mas,kell,trah,ika,me n yana

bowling tyme..din,mas,kell,momok..
din yg sngt funny,garang tapi cute...momok yg sngt cumil,noty..
mas yg pndiam n ayu..kelly yg vogue n hot..i guess..hehe

da best part of us..playing basketball in da mornink..
look at din`s face..muke tak mandi..ngeee~
gals yg lain smua mantain cun

only diz word came out thru my mouth when i`m thinking about friends n friendship..
friends are owez wif us no matter what happened to us...although in sadness or happiness..
but as we know,in friendship..we cannot run away from facing problems..sumtimes we fighting jez for a small matter..yes,i do!! whatever things happenned,jez let by gone,be by gone..forgive n forgiven~
here,i hav my clicks...friends dat are very close to me..dat owez by my side..
i luv them so i`m far from my family,i feels lonely without those of my friends...
i wanna say thanx a lot to al my frens and diz specially dedicated to
liyana,momok,mas,trah,kell,nuha,ika,lan,din,midie,kacuk,pejal,we n all mara gals..
thanx guys for being such a good friends..hope our friendship will everlasting~

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